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Credits For David Sanchez Website


Thank Your For Your Support

Mr. Sánchez extends his appreciation to all the cinematographers who have kindly allowed us to include their footage.


Mr. Sánchez extends thanks to the following photographers for their phenomenal work and the opportunity to showcase their artwork on my website:

Website Design

This website was designed and produced by Orlando Haddock. To see and learn more about his work, please visit » http://ohaddock.com.

Special Thanks

I'm grateful to my family for their unconditional love and support they have always given to me. Especially my wife Karla. My mother and father, Carmina and Dimas Sanchez, my sisters Margarita and Carmen, and my brother Dimas. My management, Karen Kennedy at 24 Seven Artist Development.

I would like to thank my fellow artists everywhere for always uplifting people when is need it the most. Finally, a very special thank you and appreciation to those musicians with the courage to improvise, for inspiring me.