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Listen To The Music Of Jazz Composer David Sánchez


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Being submerged in music brings serenity and inner peace. In that moment of listening and wholeness, there's true Freedom and Love.

My mission is to make others feel good through art. I see music as the prayer through which the world heals itself.

Here is my hand-picked playlist of some of my favorite selections from each album. I hope that you enjoy them!

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Critics and Writers Say...

  • Sanchez has a lot to say, and he solos vigorously, richly, and at length. But while he is generally tagged as a muscular, freebooting player, there's a delicate side to him too.

  • Sanchez's warm-toned tenor saxophone ranged from lyrical melody making to fast-paced runs ripping across the full breadth of his horn.

  • Afro-Latin rhythms are built into his music, and everything he does is harmonically advanced.

  • Travesía resounds with rhythmic excitement and advanced compositional technique.

  • Sánchez's tenor solos have never sounded more intense, and his band, sharpened by months of live performances, is one of the best.

  • Technically, tonally and creatively, he seems to have it all. His sound is never less than plush, his pitch is unerring, his rapid-fire playing is ravishing in its combination of speed, accuracy and utter evenness of tone.